Lay-Ups At Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms

Along with breeding and foaling services, Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms offers lay-ups to care for your horse during any recovery duration.  Lay-ups give your horse a chance to restore their mobility and strength, and since lay-ups are one of the best ways to provide your horse with proper recovery, if they develop a serious illness, is injured or wounded and requires healing after a surgery, you should consider lay-up boarding at Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms.

Lay-ups at Brazeau incorporates the latest in high tech equipment including a vibrating floor, magnetic blanket and qualified staff to care for all injuries and after surgery rehabilitation, along with a new program called Cytowave Equine Therapy.

Our lay-up facilities allow your horse to recover in a peaceful and secure environment; for race horses, this is especially vital to both their recovery and mobility.  Here, lay-ups are not only used to treat horses with serious medical problems, but also to work with horses that need a break from racetrack training.

Called “The Spa” by all of the Brazeau staff, the farm has had amazing success with their lay-ups returning to the races, and those are headed by a group of STAKES horses including WILD IN THE SADDLE, HARLINGTON’S ROSE, TWENTYTWENTYVISION, CLEARLY CONFUSED, OLD MAN LAKE and QUICK AND SILVER.

The training program has been extremely productive as well with some real superstars graduating from the farm, to the track, to the winners circle! These include Stakes Placed and multiple winner Chaulk O Lattey and recent Del Mar Maiden Special winner Sir Cal as well as the super fast Princesse and others racing are Synama, Pop Pop’s Pizza, Cinmar’s Dance, Hanserella, Kafister, Uncharted Course and Halo of Light to name a few.

early-hay-fields-BTFWhile at the Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms lay-up facility our veterinarian, grooms and trainers watch over your horse and gently introduce them to a reconditioning regimen.  We safely and effectively exercise your horse until they are fully recovered and ready to engage in normal activities.

Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms also offers individualized programs to give your horse every opportunity to return to competitive form.  These programs may include individual or group turn out, hand walking, or time on the Eurosizer. Our staff always works on a program that is designed to do whatever is best for your horse.

Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms - An Exceptional Lay-Up Farm

Though horses in lay-up must rest, it is equally important that they slowly but steadily work up their activity levels.

Lay-ups Include:

•    Stall rest if needed
•    Administering medications (owner provided)
•    Holding for farriers, dentist and veterinarian
•    Fresh hay and water with turnout daily
•    Bandage changing
•    Blanketing

If injury or illness befalls your horse, contact Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms.

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