Foaling, Training and Conditioning Services

Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms breeds Thoroughbred racehorses in a professional and safe environment. Our farm provides quality care and offers a unique home to our broodmares, foals, yearlings, manager and staff.


2013 colt by Informed out of Acceptance Speech - granddaughter of Secretariat

Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms is dedicated to the physical, social and mental development of young horses, through a safe and healthy foaling process. This begins with the prenatal care of the mare, plenty of sunshine and exercise and an extensive nutritional program that is regularly adjusted according to the individual needs.

Our foals have super bodies, are well muscled, with big strides, excellent attitudes and great personality. New in 2015 is the addition of a son of Indian Charlie, INDIAN GODS an excellent outcross for all of the A.P. Indy and Storm Cat sire line mares in California. He is a grand horse, big boned and extremely well structured with a very good mind and willing disposition, we are eagerly awaiting his first foals in 2016.

We specialize in breaking-in and pre-training through trial stage, weanling handling and adjustment. The weanlings and yearlings run in spacious green pastures and are segregated according to age and sex.  This enables them to socialize with their peers while developing a strong heart, bones and muscles.

We also halter break and groom daily. By the time our foals are yearlings, they have had all the tender loving care possible. The rest is up to their natural athletic ability. When yearlings leave Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms, they are physically and mentally ready for their formal training.

Training Complex

coat groomingThe Brazeau Thoroughbred Farm's modern training complex provides our horses with the best possible care, through frequent visits by gentle farriers and our skilled veterinarian to ensure all horses are kept fit and healthy. Our grooms and veterinarian teach the yearlings about being handled, about wearing a horse collar (halter), and walking on a lead, as well as receiving medications.

Long before a young Thoroughbred goes to a professional racehorse trainer they begin learning the life of a racehorse at Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms. We watch interactions between the dams and help to familiarize them with people, where they grow comfortable and learn to cooperate with and interact with humans.

Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms also practices imprint training; our foals are hugged and stroked immediately upon birth.  This acquaints them with the smells and sensations of being handled by people while helping to reduce stress in advanced care, as they mature and need to be shod, groomed or tacked up.


Nadine with mommy and baby

Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms foals are gently weaned from their mothers, and at two months old, they have been increasingly eating more solid food, while constantly in the company of their mother. By six months old, the foal and mother are permanently separated into adjacent, but separate pastures.

Weanlings are moved into shared stalls to prevent the shock of losing closeness with their dams. Foals are also moved into one pasture, where they romp and play all day which helps them to become confident in their new lives away from their dams.


All Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms Thoroughbred weanlings are considered one year old (yearlings) on New Year's Day, regardless of what date they were born. This practice standardizes race records and ensures that younger horses don’t compete with advanced and older horses.

hoof groomingYearling Basic Manners Include:

  • Adjusting to standing quietly in cross-ties
  • Taught how to walk into and out of horse vans
  • Taught to accept first racing shoes (frequently)
  • Learn about a saddle and bridle for the first time

Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms offers individualized programs to give your horse every opportunity to return to competitive form. Programs may include individual or group turn out, hand walking, or time on the Eurosizer. Our staff always works on a program that is designed to do whatever is best for your horse!

To Learn More About Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms or any of our Standing Stallion Stud Fees, Call Ranch Manager Nadine Anderson (951) 201-2278, email Nadine: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Or Fill Out Our Contact Us Form

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First 2015 Foal

a kings life thumb

This absolutely beautiful filly was born on 1-19-15 at Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms. She is our first foal of the year! Her sire is FULLBRIDLED and she is the 13th foal out of the amazing mare, QUEEN'S VALUE.


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