Breeding Your Mare at Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms

pauls son nurseryBrazeau Thoroughbred Farms breeds Thoroughbred racehorses in a professional and safe environment. Our farm provides quality care and offers a unique home to our broodmares, foals, and yearlings, with a dedicated manager and staff living at the Ranch.

Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms is dedicated to the physical, social and mental development of young horses, through a safe and healthy foaling process. This begins with the prenatal care of the mare, plenty of sunshine and exercise and an extensive nutritional program that is regularly adjusted according to the individual needs.

Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms takes pride in sending horses to trainers ready to go. They are delivered looking fantastic with excellent foot condition.  They’re physically fit and never fat; Their coats are good and their teeth are always in good condition.

Looking forward to the next few years we anticipate the first starts on the new recruits hitting the track this fall and in 2016, one of those will be First Stone, a son of Unusual Heat and a half brother to Bob Black Jack.

Another horse that looks very promising is the half to Wild In The Saddle, a colt named Luke Thirteen who has posted some good works and has always been a farm favorite. A full sister to CHAULK O LATTEY is training at the farm and will make her debut in 2016. We all look forward to training the very fancy SHACKLEFORD colt, affectionately known as “Shaq” who will be going to Richard Mandella for owner Peter Johnson in 2016.

We will also be represented at the sales with some very high caliber yearlings by STORMY JACK in 2015, and possibly the first offerings by MAKE MUSIC FOR ME and WORLD RENOWNED in January 2016.too.

The Brazeau’s and Ranch Manager Anderson are getting their first homebreds ready for the races.  In the breeding shed the new stallions at Brazeau have really shown their class and the ability to sire high quality foals, the first crop from both MAKE MUSIC FOR ME and WORLD RENOWNED have exceeded all expectations. 

In 2015, Anderson bred a filly by Silic named CHAULK O LATTEY who is ready to start for trainer Richard Baltas. The 2015 yearling crop includes First Stone, a colt by Unusual Heat out of Molly’s Prospector, making him a half brother to Bob Black Jack; and Lucky Patrick, a son of Lucky Pulpit—Brandi Freeze, by Hennessy.

We don’t breed a horse for a fad. Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms really looks at them structurally. We’ve tried to get the most-correct stallions because we want the horses to be appealing to the eye, as well as sound, correct, and fast.

Breeding Your Horse

New 2015 Arrivals


Stormy Jack filly - out of
Queens Value

These are the newest foals out of some of the best sires!

Typical equine breeding season begins in the spring and continues through fall. As daylight hours increase with springtime, particular brain receptors in the mare are triggered, which cause her to go into heat. Once her reproductive cycle begins, the mare is ready for breeding. Given that a foal’s gestation period lasts 11 months, Thoroughbred breeding usually begins during the winter months.

Breeding and genetics play a role in any horse’s temperament. Make an informed breeding decision by contacting Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms. Once the mare is in heat, we introduce a stallion to her. Should she become pregnant from their meeting, special care must be taken for the duration of the gestation period.

colt Stormy Jack La Petra 1

Stormy Jack colt - out of
La Petra

Mares require specific vaccinations to protect the foal from transmissible diseases. Also, nutritional requirements significantly increase during the mare’s final months of pregnancy. To ensure a healthy foal, Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms carefully monitors the mare and regularly exercises her for at least the first six months of her pregnancy.

In Thoroughbred horses, the right lineage is crucial. Mares are often given a breeding soundness exam (BSE) in order to ensure the safety and success of the horse breeding. A BSE can include a visual and manual exam, blood work, ultrasound, tissue cultures, biopsy, and hormonal checks. The blood work and biopsies check for infection, parasites, metabolic and hormonal imbalances, and other conditions or issues that may affect the mare's ability to give birth to a healthy foal after breeding. The Brazeau Thoroughbred Farm’s veterinarian is trained in managing BSE examinations as required.

While having a healthy mare is crucial for breeding, you won't get a good foal without a sound stallion. Brazeau Thoroughbred Farm's Standing at Stud Stallions offer proven bloodlines and reliable lineage for breeding.


Bestminster colt out of
Diamond Oak Diva

Breeding your mare requires ongoing dedication to her needs and her foal. Before you move forward with your horse breeding plans, be sure to carefully consider with which stallion you want to breed your mare. Depending on the stallion’s pedigree, you will be paying a stud fee of a few thousand dollars. Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms provides stud services with our standing stallions: Best Minister, Make Music For Me, Stormy Jack, World Renowned and StallionMatch. We are happy to talk to you about breeding your mare with any of our Champions.

Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms is pleased to provide stud services with our champions. We are happy to talk to you about breeding your mare with any of our standing stallions.

To Learn More About Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms or any of our Standing Stallion Stud Fees, Call Ranch Manager Nadine Anderson (951) 201-2278, email Nadine: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Or Fill Out Our Contact Us Form

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CHAULK O LATTEY Wins 1st Place at Del Mar

July 25, 2015

CHAULK OF LATTEY Winners Circle sm

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First 2015 Foal

a kings life thumb

This absolutely beautiful filly was born on 1-19-15 at Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms. She is our first foal of the year! Her sire is FULLBRIDLED and she is the 13th foal out of the amazing mare, QUEEN'S VALUE.


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