Occupying more than 80 acres, Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms has an abundance of natural water and sweeping green pastures with large open fields, where the horses can run freely. 

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Specialized Training at Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms


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All of the Brazeau Thoroughbred Farm's foals are born, raised, trained and mature to become winning race horses.  And, our mares are bred for the season.  Because we start foals off with a stress-free, quiet environment, we create good race horses.  Our policy is that the horses come first, everyone treats them with respect.  The foals are weaned, grow up, get handled, and go into training process, which includes our hand-picked Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms riders and trainers.  With years of experience and knowledge, our trainers read each of our horses and during training, they know how far to push, and when to back off.

BTF Morning WorkoutOur horses are never submitted to rodeos or other distractions.  For this reason, they don't get upset; the training is done quietly and casually – it’s a very peaceful and gentle process. Our trainers care about our horses, and are tuned into taking them all the way from "birth to the race trailer" when they leave Brazeau Farms.

In operation for 50 years, Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms is one of Southern California's original Thoroughbred farms.  Near Diamond Valley Lake, one of California’s largest reservoirs, the farm has plenty of water. When the Brazeau’s purchased the farm, it had an existing well which was rebuilt, and another has since been drilled. The racetrack surrounds the alfalfa field, where the water provides adequate water for the grain.

Lay-ups at Brazeau incorporate the latest in high tech equipment including a vibrating floor, magnetic blanket and qualified staff to care for all injuries and after surgery rehabilitation, along with a new program called Cytowave Equine Therapy.

Continued renovations include planting grass in the larger pastures. The solid water supply enables the team to water down hay and other feed when necessary to reduce dust. In addition, the Ranch has installed sprinklers in all the pastures which run from 2:00-4:00 p.m. every afternoon.  Automatic waterers are emptied daily and refilled to ensure that the horses have fresh, cold water; since they do not drink hot water. 

Brazeau-EurociserMore additions include a Eurosizer and four new barns, three of which have 40 stalls. Our 1-mile distance racetrack offers an uphill gallop, which helps build better lung capacity and ensures a stronger athlete.  Ranch co-owner and Manager Nadine Anderson oversaw construction of 12 covered 24' x 24' foaling pens, which are not a traditional barn design. This decision was based on the temperate climate, better airflow and it allows the horses to see each other, which Anderson considers essential. Since horses are social, being together lowers their stress levels, and reduces the incidence of ulcers.

Anderson has designed her feeding program to lower horse stress and increase their health. The Ranch feeds five times a day. Because horses are grazing animals, they require food all the time; since they eat off the ground, none of our horses have hay nets or mangers, which holds their heads down, and allows their nasal passages to drain properly.

In addition to the alfalfa grown on the farm, Anderson feeds a mixture of several different hays - orchard hay and four-way hay. She also mixes her own grain which enables her to mix hay differently for different horses. For example, the foals get lower protein with nothing pre-mixed while other horses get sick if they eat molasses.

Feeding GrainThe feed for the horses in training, currently numbering about 45, includes beet pulp, soybean meal, oats, and barley, along with a mineral supplement.  This special care demonstrates what separates Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms from other horse farms.

Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms is pleased to provide stud services with our Champions.  We are happy to talk to you about breeding your mare with any of our standing stallions.

To Learn More About Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms or any of our Standing Stallion Stud Fees, Call Ranch Manager Nadine Anderson (951) 201-2278, email Nadine: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Or Fill Out Our Contact Us Form

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This absolutely beautiful filly was born on 1-19-15 at Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms. She is our first foal of the year! Her sire is FULLBRIDLED and she is the 13th foal out of the amazing mare, QUEEN'S VALUE.


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