Cytowave Equine Therapy

Reduces Injury Time and speeds Reapir & Rehabilitation

Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms reduces significant time from the injury repair and rehabilitation process through the use of Cytowave equine therapy.

Horses are prone to injury and muscle strain, sometimes leading to suffering from serious tendon or ligament lesion damage that can lead to muscular swelling, lameness and pain during daily activity. Brazeau Thoroughbred Farm’s trainers use Cytowave to removes the accumulated blood and fluids that collect in an injured area. Cytowave gently removes heat, inflammation and excess fluids which then accelerate the healing process and helps prevent injuries.  

“Using Cytowave treatment helps our staff and trainers promote natural healing of lesions, and strengthens soft tissue fibers to prevent future damage for our horses,” said Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms co-owner and Operations Manager Nadine Anderson. “Using Cytowave let’s us really take a proactive approach in every horse’s health through a healing pace giving them ample time to rest and rehabilitate from injury and inflammation,” Anderson said.

“Cytowave application is simple and easy, and it works,” Anderson said.  “We wrap the injured area of the horse with the applicator blanket, secure it and select the recommended treatment program. Since inflammation is the beginning of most of the injuries we see, Cytowave helps us reduce deep tissue inflammation, and quickly speed the healing process and avoid escalating injuries,” Anderson said.

Recommended Treatments:

  • Inflammation reduction
  • Ligament & Tendon treatment
  • Sacroiliac Joint Pain
  • Sore backs and maintenance
  • Post-surgical use
  • After chip removal treatment

Cytowave Helps Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms’ Horses

Unlike shockwave or pulsed magnetic therapy, Cytowave was created for equine therapy based on specific tissue signals.  Cytowave has proven to reliably close serious tendon and ligament lesions in 3-5 weeks.  The Cytowave has enabled Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms to reduce injury repair and rehabilitation time. 

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