All Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms Mares Are Bred for the 2015 Season

At Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms our philosophy incorporates a complete program where our foals are born, raised, trained and go on to become winning race horses.  The ranch currently has 27 foals and many pregnant mares.  Unlike huge commercial enterprises, we specialize in foaling out mares – our facility treats all of our client's horses like our own.

Care of Birth Mares

newborn foalAt our facility, pregnant mares are key to our operation.  They are treated like our own – not as part of a huge commercial enterprise. We brush manes and tails, and give them a lot of attention, making it easy to catch them since they come right up to the fence.  People often tell us that our horses are very friendly.  That's because we make them feel completely at ease.  Happy horses feel good; they feel safe and they want to please you.  Since horses don’t forget, they know when you care for them and also remember you even if they don’t see you frequently, they remember those positive experiences.

The Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms objective for all of our horses is that they remain stress-free, feel safe in their environment, and maintain a contented attitude.  All of our horses understand that we are there for them. 

Every Foal Is Handled Individually

nadine feeding grainImmediately following birth our foals get handled everyday, so that they quickly learn that people are their friends.  They are taught how to be led, and understand that we will frequently be picking up their feet (lifting) for caring of their hooves. This teaches them that humans care about them and they won’t experience any trauma or stress when care is needed in the future.

We start with the newborns and teach them what they need to know, without stress.  We also give them the best possible feed.  When it is time, they are taken away from their moms, but are placed in adjacent corrals to mitigate any separation anxiety. In the new corrals the foals then become part of a peer group with other foals, where they begin to establish their own friends.  We let them eat with the mom in adjoining pens, but before long, mom isn’t as important because they aren’t nursing any longer.

At 5-6 months the foals go off their moms, allowing both foal and mom's to regroup. This program has been very successful for us and we have never had any lingering adjustment problems for moms or foals.

Specialized Training at Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms

MareMotel-Nadine w-foalBecause we start foals off with a stress-free, quiet environment, we create good race horses.  Our policy is that the horses always come first ... everyone at BTF treats them with respect.  The foals are weaned, grow up, get handled, and go into training process, which includes our hand-picked Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms riders and trainers.  With years of experience and knowledge, our trainers read each of our horses and during training, they know how far to push, and when to back off.

Our horses are never submitted to rodeos or other distractions.  For this reason, they don't get upset; the training is done quietly and casually – it’s a very peaceful and gentle process. Our trainers care about our horses too, and are tuned into “taking them from birth to race trailer, until leaving Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms.”

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First 2015 Foal

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This absolutely beautiful filly was born on 1-19-15 at Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms. She is our first foal of the year! Her sire is FULLBRIDLED and she is the 13th foal out of the amazing mare, QUEEN'S VALUE.